The School of Meditation in Hampshire and Dorset

If you would like further information it is best to contact the School’s head office 020 7603 6116 or email

The School of Meditation has four groups in Hampshire and Dorset. Two groups meet in the Basingstoke/Tadley area of North Hampshire, one in Winchester and the other in Bournemouth.

Our groups meet fortnightly, we meditate together and hear the teaching from the tradition which underpins this form of meditation. We consider questions such as: Who am I? Why am I here? What is creation about? At Bournemouth meetings start at 7.00pm. At Winchester and Basingstoke meetings start at 7.30pm. All meetings run for about two hours with a break for refreshments.

The group welcomes new members and members already introduced to meditation through TM, The School of Economic Science and the Study Society.

There is a nominal charge for the term which includes tea and biscuits.