About the School

What we do

The School of Meditation provides a simple and effective meditation technique for people living busy, demanding lives.

The method we teach helps people access the calm that lies just below the surface of the mind: and in doing so, provides them with stillness, rest and peace.

Using a one-syllable, inwardly-repeated mantra, it is a simple and effective method that anyone can practise, including those with no prior experience or knowledge of meditation. All that is required is a quiet space to sit, making this meditation available to all.

The method we teach is suitable for people of all backgrounds, cultures, traditions, and faiths (or none).


Since its foundation in 1961, the School of Meditation has maintained the same mission: to offer the technique and benefits of meditation to all those seeking to learn.

We advocate a gentle, easy approach to meditation. No sudden changes in lifestyle or philosophy are required. It is an inclusive technique for all people. Everyone, whatever their background, age or circumstances, can enjoy equal benefit from a regular meditation practice.

Those engaging with the School always receive a warm welcome, and our staff will be delighted to discuss meditation with you or to answer any questions you may have.

Where We Are

Our headquarters are on Holland Park Avenue, West London, and we also have branches around the UK and overseas. Please see below for a list of branches and contact details.

What We Offer

The School of Meditation offers a range of courses and classes to suit all people.

For those wanting to try simple guided meditations we hold free 30-minute drop-in sessions five times a week, led by experienced meditators.

For those seeking to learn more about meditation and the teaching behind it, we offer a five week introductory course. This is an excellent foundation for anyone considering taking up the practice longer term. Alternatively, we can arrange a one-to-one conversation with an experienced meditator.

The School provides ongoing support to those who have been taught the practice. This includes one-to-one guidance sessions, which are available for the rest of your life. You also have the opportunity to join a weekly meditation group and to attend annual retreats.  

Learning to Meditate

For more information or to book a course, click here or call 020 7603 6116. Our office is open for calls on weekdays between 10.30 am and 5.00pm.

There is a one-off fee of £300 to be taught the practice, but we are always willing to discuss the amount with people whose circumstances mean this payment is out of their reach.


The School of Meditation is not a proponent of any religion or dogma, and our members come from all backgrounds and sectors of society. Our guiding philosophy is Advaita Vedanta. A Sanskrit word, Advaita refers to oneness, or non-duality.

Non-Duality is an ancient, practical, and inclusive teaching that is of benefit to all people. It simply means that there is no separation between the individual self and the universal self. The philosophy encourages us to remember this oneness in our daily lives.

We tend habitually to see ourselves as separate individuals, a necessary part of engaging with the world; meditation gently connects us to our natural state where we are not separate. When we re-engage with the world after meditating, we often find ourselves refreshed and energised with a renewed sense of peace and sharper awareness.

Though it dates back many centuries, Non-Duality is a teaching for all times, for all people in all places. The specific teaching was passed on to the founders of the School of Meditation from its tradition in India and is put into the context of philosophies from the West and all round the world.

Contact Us

The School of Meditation’s work is carried out by two members of staff who you can contact at the details below. The School also benefits greatly from the energy and talents of committed volunteers from within the membership who make many of the School’s activities possible. Regional and international branches are also listed below. To contact any of these, please get in touch with the main School office in the first instance.

Stillness, Rest and Peace for 60 years 


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