Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meditation?

The technique of meditation opens our hearts and minds to what is - to what we really are at the most fundamental level of our existence. It is a process that brings us to stillness; that brings our attention, for once, to nothing but what is happening in the present moment.

In this beautifully simple way, meditation relieves us of all the transitory cares and concerns we're continually churning over in our minds and allows us to rediscover our deep, natural awareness of what is real and permanent.

What is the School of Meditation?

The School of Meditation exists to teach people how to meditate and provide additional learning and support to those who already do.

At the school, members can meditate together and discuss their experiences and so help each other establish and strengthen the practice. If they choose, they can also hear and consider the teachings and knowledge behind the meditation which leads to greater understanding and deeper levels of inner discovery.

The SoM is made up of its members and anyone who learns to meditate automatically becomes one - welcome to use the school as much or as little as they please - for always.

We employ two office manages on a job share basis who run the office. Apart from that, the school is run entirely by volunteer members who give some of their time in order to bring the benefits of the school and meditation to others.

What will meditation do for me?

Meditation allows us to find clarity, reason and a feeling that, whatever it is, it's ok, I can deal with it.

When we meditate, all our worries about tomorrow or what happened yesterday, along with all the thoughts and feelings of anxiety and regret they often bring, can simply be let go.

We feel more connected to an inner strength, more contented, more at ease with ourselves. And more effective and creative in our daily lives.

We start to gain insight into the nature of human existence and such questions as, who am I, where have I come from, where am I going, and how do I relate to this world around me? This leads to the profoundest levels of self-discovery.

Practising meditation regularly can bring a growing sense of oneness with the wider world and a lessening of the constraints we impose on our lives through too much thinking about ourselves and how we wish things could be.

Where does my fee go?

Apart from the office manager the school is run by volunteers. The money received in fees from those taking up the meditation is used to publicise the School and the method we teach, so that each new meditator opens the door for someone else.