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Reflections on meditation, and how it can enrich our lives...

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"The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear..."  (Rumi)

The above quotation - one of our favourites here at the office of the School of Meditation - was spoken by Rumi, the great Persian mystic of the C13th. 

These simple words of wisdom remind us that, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, there is always peace and stillness to be found, available to us all, whoever we are. The trick is to learn how to recognise and access this stillness - this 'golden thread' - so that we can call on it whenever we need...

The practice of meditation guides us to the golden thread and teaches us how to recognise it.  The 'heart knowledge' that comes through learning this ancient skill gives us the strength and courage to tackle any challenges that life throws our way.

And the best news?  Meditation is suitable for all, can be accessed wherever we are in the world, and is a beautifully simple and straightforward practice to learn.

As well as bringing us peace and calm, meditation impacts our lives in other ways we may not expect.  As our practice develops over time, decisions we make, tiny or large, come from a calm, deeper place of knowing - rather than arising out of fear or panic.  Their clarity, therefore, can impact all our daily lives, and we can take comfort in the knowledge that we're making better and wiser decisions along our path.

Clarity of thought is not the only 'secondary' benefit of meditation.  Creativity is given the space and freedom to flow without the mental constrictions imposed upon it that limit our vision, and stifle our expressiveness.  

Friendships frequently take on a deeper meaning too.  And after some time, we may naturally find ourselves gravitating towards 'good company' - the presence of those who enrich our lives without any effort or even awareness of doing so.  

If you have been considering learning to meditate in 2024, now is an ideal time.  We offer courses throughout the year. 

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You can also read more about the course in this blog, call us on 020 7603 6116, or drop in for a chat at 158 Holland Park Av, W11 4UH.

We hope to welcome you to the School of Meditation soon.